Sansin Builders: Dedicated Creators
Committed to providing all-round services and solutions as a construction business and creating customized value for clients
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Taipei European School -- Yangmingshan Campus Project
Sansin Builders has completed a modernized, high-tech, top-notch campus imbued with Taiwan-specific cultural elements for Taipei European School in Yangmingshan.
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Sansin Builders
Sansin Builders: Creators of Value
December 2022: Won the bid for the construction of Taipei Municipal Heping High School

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Core Values

Architecture is the journey to the future,

the convergence of talents, environments, and industries,

the innovation of applying technology and design,

to integrate the core values of construction, namely, quality, safety and services,

to co-create a bright future with customers.

Architecture for the healthcare system

With aesthetic design, applications of sensibility and humanistic thinking combined with professional and high-quality construction supervision, Sansin is dedicated to the construction of each medical architecture project with a view to bring trailblazing reform and innovation to the medical industry.


Architecture for educational purposes

With rapid development in the education sector in recent years, technology applications, culture and architecture have been brought together to spark creative integration. Sansin has been focusing on architectural development for educational purposes, integrating the space and the environment into the learning experience and making architecture another source of knowledge. It is hoped that architectural space will produce better results in learning.


Previous projects

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Provider of integrated architecture/construction services and solutions

In addition to construction, Sansin also works with distinguishedarchitectural designers, interior aesthetic designers and planning teams to provide the best solutions for effective integration and collaboration in the development/planning/design/construction of an architectural project.

Planning and bidding

With an outstanding planning team, ample experience in bidding and a superb solutions team, Sansin has achieved a total satisfaction rate of 100%, gives customers the most precise and reasonable cost evaluations, construction planning and outcome assessments, and has full competitiveness in bidding.

Architectural design

We partner with distinguished designers from home and abroad to achieve best collaborative results in innovative architectural aesthetics and actual construction and greatly improve the architecture quality through effective integration.

Interior configuration

We are well informed about the core elements of all industries, especially specializing in the configuration of healthcare and education industries. At the same time, we collaborate with top-notch designers in Taiwan to construct the most suitable, functional, friendly spaces and environments.

Construction supervision

We have the best construction and supervision teams to monitor the quality and safety of construction, to actualize design concepts effectively, and to implement optimal architectural results.

Sansin Achievements

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Sansin sees the process of planning and building as a journey from vision to actualization, and the opportunity to build relationships, conjure up an ambience, obtain experience, and create legends.